Sewing With Nancy I’m Not

Ever since we had the outdoor kitchen built I’ve wanted to snazz it up and decorate it in crazy jewel tones.  But in the almost year it’s been finished it still looks the same, except for the Play Doh stuck to the floor and other random spots that I don’t even want to know what they are.  But this weekend I finally decided to make the covers for the cushions I made a few months ago.  Thanks to YouTube I had enough videos to at least make me believe I could do this in an hour or so… Uh, clearly I was wrong.

Now let’s also remember that I have the twinadoes to deal with as I’m being all crafty, so it’s not like I can just sit down and get it done.  I need to make a few, ok a zillion, stops to attend to them.  Then add in lunch, dinner, and everything else and that equals to an all day event.  But in all honesty, it still would have taken me several hours to complete without all the distractions.  Sewing is tough!!!  I am in no way an avid seamstress, in fact, my sewing machine has probably seen a couple hours use total in the ten years I’ve had it.

Here’s a few tips if you are planning on undertaking a sewing project, and yes I know that some of these seem very basic but I’m sure there are a few newbies like me that start without a clue.  Have a plan before you start, yes that seems like a no brainer, but I will admit it did cross my mind.  Seriously, how difficult could it be to sew a cushion, right?  WRONG!!  Watch Youtube videos, read instructions, etc…it will save you a lot of headache.

DSC_0358[1] DSC_0357[1] DSC_0356[1]

When you watch/read instructions you will also be given a list of items you will need to do the job, heed that list.  I sort of winged it on a few items and it definitely made things more difficult.  For one, I wish I had bought some scissors meant for fabric and a seam ripper.  Now, I do have to say that the crayon really did a great job as far as placing marks on the fabric.

DSC_0361[1] DSC_0359[1] DSC_0360[1]

My last tip, be prepared to improvise a bit.  I made a few mistakes and at first I got flustered and thought about just starting over.  Thankfully, I calmed down and took a few minutes to see what I could do to fix the problem rather than scrap the entire project to start over.

DSC_0364[1] DSC_0363[1]

Take your time when you actually start sewing.  I got a little cray cray a few times I pushed that little peddle down, those lines were not even close to straight.  Now maybe with more practice I’ll be able to fly through and sew straight lines, but for now I need to go slower.

In the end I am incredibly proud of the finished product.  It’s not perfect and if you look at it it’s obviously not done by a professional, and that’s totally ok with me.  Mine has character.  Mine was done by my two hands.

DSC_0368 DSC_0374 DSC_0367[1] DSC_0373


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