You Can’t Reap What You Don’t Sow…

March first was the day I had intended to start planting seeds indoors, however, a sick toddler changed that.  Thing 1 came down with a cold and needed a little more attention so I put planting on hold.  Fast forward two days and you have planting day!!


I showed much restraint when choosing the types and amounts of tomatoes to plant.  Last year I had about 170 tomato seedlings when all was said and done.  Way too many for a backyard garden so most were given away.  One of the reasons I over plant is my fear of not enough growing, resulting in no tomatoes or having to purchase the plants.  No way!!!!

Another reason to scale back was to keep the crazy manageable.  Last year I turned my dining room into an indoor greenhouse and it was ridiculous.  This year I wanted to put the seeds upstairs where I could keep it under control and out of sight.

WP_20130206_001 WP_20130202_003

These pictures were only one side of the room, the other side also had a table with grow lights.  It was a bit overwhelming.

DSC_0597[1] DSC_0596[1]

This year it’s less than half of the set-up.  Since there is less room I will be timing the seed plantings better and also making use of the outdoor room.


Yesterday was a fairly nice day, so I hauled everything into the outdoor room and planted tomato, pepper, and herb seeds.  Tomorrow I’ll plant a flat of flower seeds.


One thing I learned from last year, I’m not a huge fan of peat pots.  They break down way too easily for starting seeds indoors.  The zucchini plants did okay in them but not well enough for me to buy a bunch to try again.  I’ll stick with these plastic cells that can be re-used.

DSC_0617[1] DSC_0618[1]

Here they will stay for the next several weeks, until they are strong enough to start hardening off in the outdoor room.  I love when the seedlings emerge, it’s just so exciting to me.  Yes, I’m a dork, but other gardeners will totally get what I’m saying.

It’s so rewarding growing your own vegetables and flowers from seed.  Not only can you get a great variety that you most likely won’t find in stores but you also know exactly where it came from.

Gardening isn’t for everyone, but it should be!!  Even my children get excited to help me, which they’ve done since the time they could play in dirt.  Thing 2 gets so excited when her radishes and carrots are ready to pull.  Passing this on to my children brings such joy to me.  When I was young I had a garden and now my kids do too.




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