Chicken Stock, Bock Bock

In my kitchen chicken stock is indispensable, and gets used a lot.  Yes, I do have my favorite store bought stock, but without a doubt would always choose homemade if I have the choice.  It’s so simple to make, and quite honestly, next to impossible to mess up.  There are two basic ways I do my stock, one with fresh chicken and the other is with leftover chicken (meaning the carcass of a whole chicken).


For the Recipe:

**Note: You can really use a variety of vegetables in your stock.  It’s a great thing to make when you want to clean out the vegetable bin in your refrigerator.  Root vegetables add wonderful flavor, if you made a whole chicken with roasted root vegetables for dinner and have leftovers…toss it all in!!

1 whole chicken

4 carrots, cut into thirds

4 celery stalks, cut into thirds

2 large onions, quartered

1 parsnip, cut into thirds

2 bay leaves

2 tsp. peppercorns

2 tsp. coriander seeds

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

1 bunch of parsley stems

4 cloves of garlic

water to cover

In a large stock pot add all the ingredients.  Cook on medium/low for 2 hours.  Strain out the liquid and remove the fat.  Can be frozen for up to three months.



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