Caring For Your Wood Cutting Board


The other night when I went to the Williams Sonoma store that was closing I scored a great deal on this Boos cutting board.  I have a much larger one that the hubs bought me a few years ago that I use strictly for baking, when I need to roll dough, cookie dough, etc… I have wanted a large on (but not as large as my other) for everyday use, so when I saw this I was incredibly happy.


I do have some of those plastic type cutting boards, but they are not my favorite.  They stain easily, get cut up, and maybe it’s just me, but they retain flavors, especially of soap which gets passed on to the foods you prepare on them.  I will let them rinse in hot water for at least five minutes before I use again due to that issue.  So needless to say, wood is the way for me.

These cutting boards can be pricey so you will want to take care of them.  Before I use them I make sure I prep them.


I love Boos Board Cream and Mystery Oil.  I do the Board Cream when I first get the boards, then, depending on use, once every two months.  The Mystery Oil I use more frequently just to keep the board from drying out from too much use.  So far, my dough wood board is in perfect shape after several years so I must be doing something right.  Both products have direction on them, and that’s what I follow.

Also, you should take a few precautions when using your wood cutting board, these are what Boos suggests:

  • Never let liquid/moisture to stand on your board for long periods of time.  Remember those glass rings our grandparents used to freak about if you didn’t use a coaster?  Think of that…
  • Do not use an abrasive scrubber to clean your board.  I use my food scraper to scoop up all the stuff off the board, works like a charm.
  • Fish and poultry should not be cut on your wood boards unless you have protected the surface with a product like the Mystery Oil and Board Cream.  It creates a barrier that you need in order to keep the surface safe for future use.  You still need to clean up afterwards…
  • Rotate the board around so you are not constantly cutting in the same spot.  You want even wear on your board.
  • Never clean with harsh soaps/detergents

Happy Cutting!!


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