Let The Planting Begin

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day in the pacific northwest, and with the twinadoes still suffering from their stuffy nose I thought I would take the opportunity to get some gardening done.  It’s not quite spring, but I thought I would get all cray cray and plant some radishes outside.  Thing 2 loves radishes, or as she calls them, radiches.


To start I picked these two.  No particular reason, just grabbed them and went with it.  The seeds are fairly small so no need to bury them too deep.  I honestly don’t have any rhyme or reason to how I do it, no super straight rows, no counting how many seeds per inch, nopes, I just sprinkle them evenly over the area.  Then I cover them with about 1/4 inch of soil and lightly tamp down.  Lastly I give it a light watering (the soil was already a little damp, if it were dry I would give it more water) and call it good.


This will be the home of the radishes.  I’m bummed that the blocks on the right side moved over the winter and are no longer straight, but I’m not going to fix it right now…. Over the winter I’ve been putting kitchen scraps and periodically turning the dirt.  This morning when I did the final turning before the seeds I was very pleased to see how many worms were there.  Tossing the scraps right in the bed was something I read about in a gardening article last year, I liked the idea so I went with it.  I guess we shall see how well it works.

If you have tons of little birds in your yard like I do be warned…they love the little radish sprouts.  I will need to be on top of it and make sure I cover them before they actually come up.  I swear those birds know exactly when they are coming.

Happy Gardening

**Note the pictures are a little wonky today, I’ve been playing around with the manual settings, obviously I haven’t mastered it yet.


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