The Worms Are Coming, The Worms Are Coming!!

Last year was the first year that I did worm composting, and though it had it’s good and bad sides I’m doing it again.  Obviously the good outweighed the bad, at least for me.  Yes, it’s a little dirty, kind of a pain keeping the fruit flies at bay, and making sure you keep then in a place where they won’t get too hot, rained on too much, or somewhere little toddler hands will find.  Having the worm tea and the castings really is worth the trouble.

So as we approach the first day of spring it’s time for me to ready their home.


I use the Worm Factory composter and really like it.  I’ve seen a few others as well as ones you can make yourself, I say use what you think would be best for you.  After a quick wash to remove all the goop and grossness I was ready to get start making their home.

I start with the first tray, I do use the other two trays but not until after the worms have started doing their work and needing more space.


Line the bottom of the tray with newspaper, this is very important, if you don’t the worms just go down the holes into the tray that keeps the liquid and die.  Usually about three or four layers is enough to do the trick.  On top of that I start putting the vegetable and fruit waste from the kitchen.  Do not add meat, oily stuff, dairy, or things like leftover fast food ickiness.  This will attract rodents and other unwanted guests.  You will also want to add some leaves and paper (I use strips of cardboard).  I like for this to get a little head start decomposing before I add the worms for the first time.  I’ve read that they like it better that way.  However, once I get them going I don’t do anything special to the scraps I throw in.  I don’t puree them (I’ve read people do that) or anything like that and I didn’t have an issue last year.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I have just as successful year with them as I did last year.  They were so happy that I had to take some of the worms out once a month because of their reproductive habits…

Time to order my worms!!  I was very happy with the worms I purchased from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm  When they came they were a little lethargic, like they said they would be, but after putting them in their bin they perked up within a day.  If you are in the market for some worms I highly suggest looking into his worms.




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