Cultured Butter

To be honest, I’m a big butter fan…the phrase “everything’s better with butter” has been said by me MANY times.  So when I read an article about cultured butter I knew I had to investigate further which then led to me attempting to make it at home.  With only two ingredients, heavy cream and either buttermilk or crème fraiche it seemed easy enough.  Though most of the reading I did led me to understand you could pretty much use any quality heavy cream with a minimum of 40% butterfat, most strongly suggested finding it from grass fed cows.  That is where I had to do a little hunting, but I did find it.  The buttermilk or crème fraiche, whichever you choose to use, should be very easy to find.

Chefs that make this for their restaurants have gotten quite creative in making their cultured butter.  Some put cheese rinds in the cream/buttermilk while it ferments, others infuse with herbs, and one covered his in ash for a week then washed it off.  This go at it I’m just doing the basic cultured butter, however, if I find this to be worthwhile I will get a little more creative.

For the Recipe:


1 quart heavy cream, 40% or higher of butterfat

1/3 c. buttermilk


Combine the cream and buttermilk in a large bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let sit 24-48 hours.  I let mine sit for 30 hours.

WP_20140316_002After sitting it will start to get a little bubbly and smell a bit off, don’t worry, this is exactly what should be happening.

After the24-48 hours put the mixture in the bowl of a mixer.  I highly suggest using a splash guard because once the butter starts to separate from the buttermilk it gets messy.


This is what the separated liquid looks like.  The butter will be able to be formed into a ball at this point.


Time to drain the mixture.  Then give it a quick rinse.

WP_20140316_009 WP_20140316_006 WP_20140316_008

Next you will want to work in batches, forming balls out of the butter.  Squeeze out the buttermilk and rinse with extremely cold water.  You will want to give each ball several squeezes while rinsing to make sure you get all the buttermilk.

WP_20140316_007Look at that beauty!


I ended up getting one pound of cultured butter from this amount.  Now, this probably isn’t the butter you want to slather your kids’ pancakes with, rather, use it where you will get to fully enjoy the taste.

Next time I am definitely experimenting, not only with flavors but also with regular heavy cream.






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