My First Terrarium

I must be getting antsy to garden more because I really had an urge to make a terrarium.  Yesterday while the twinadoes were at preschool I headed to the nursery to look at flowers.  I came across this area they had set up specifically to get you to build a terrarium, which included their $89 glass jar.  There was no way I was paying that much for a glass jar that looked like several others I already had at home.  What I would buy were the cutest ever little plants that were perfect for my project.


Are these not the cutest little plants ever?  Their containers were no more than about 1 1/2 inches tall.  I could have bought even more, but I controlled myself.

So me and my little plants headed on over to pick up the twinadoes so we could head home to start our project.

What You Will Need:

  • some kind of clear glass container to house your terrarium, look on Pinterest for some really good ideas (I was originally going to use a 2 gallon glass jar, but changed last minute)
  • charcoal
  • sand or rocks
  • potting soil
  • plants, remember they are going to be in a moist environment so think ferns, succulents and those types
  • moss or rocks, if you want to put it on top of the soil for a little extra pizzazz


First add the charcoal then the rocks on top.  Top with the potting soil, enough to properly plant your plants.


Arrange and bury the plants.  Try to not disturb them too much once you plant them, they just don’t like that very much.  I set them in the terrarium, still in their pots, to see where I wanted them and how they would look before I actually planted them.


I placed rocks on top of the soil, I’ve seen them without and they looked fine.  It just appealed to me.  Be sure to water, and the first time you can give it a little extra.  After that, just watch the soil to see if it needs watering.  Remember, the terrarium will retain moisture so you won’t need to water as much as say a houseplant out in the open.

DSC_0723[1] DSC_0725[1]

Tada!!  A terrarium.  It might look a little empty right now, but you need to take in account that the plants will grow and fill out.  I think I might make another one…




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