A Little Weekend Gardening

This weekend was so beautiful out, there was no way anyone could stay indoors.  I decided to snap a few pictures of the progress my garden, it’s really starting to come alive.


DSC_0736[1] DSC_0731[1] DSC_0733[1] DSC_0735[1]

The flowers are coming out like gangbusters!!  Perennials, gotta love them…



The remaining peas are still trying to grow.  Most were gobbled up by the birds, my procrastination did them in.  I kept saying I was going to go out there and cover them so the birds couldn’t get to them, but I didn’t.


These beauties are my Chinese chives I planted last year in one of my herb boxes.  They are so tasty and really easy to grow, definitely give them a try.

DSC_0729[1]DSC01477 (1)

However, not all was good…this pile is all that remains of my beautiful artichoke plant. The picture on the right was from last year…sigh…..


And what garden is complete without a purple flamingo?

How are your gardens coming along?


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