Simply Sensational Seasoning Salt


In my house I have several different homemade seasonings that I use for different purposes.  This particular seasoning salt I use pretty much everyday, except for beef (I have a different one for that).  When I measure each spice I do it by weight rather than teaspoon, tablespoon, etc…I find it to be more consistent each time.  A lot of the spices I use I purchase whole then grind myself.  To store, you can use a recycled spice container that has been thoroughly washed, or a glass jar with a lid.  I even make my own labels to get all creative and pretty.  The great thing about making your own seasoning salt, you can adjust to your own taste.  Want it more spicy, add more cayenne, not a fan of fennel (can’t imagine that), then omit, etc…

For the Recipe:

4 oz. sea salt

1 oz. garlic powder (not garlic salt)

1 oz. black pepper

1/2 oz. coriander powder

1/8 oz. cayenne

1/4 oz. fennel powder

3/4 oz. onion powder

1/2 oz. turmeric

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then put them in a container.  How easy!!!



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