Prepping the Raspberries

Thing 2 could quite possibly live off of raspberries in the summer.  As soon as those little golden berries of sweetness start to ripen that’s pretty much where you will find her, scoping out raspberries.  For several years I did absolutely nothing with them.  I just let them grow and grow without any maintenance.

WP_20130326_008And this is what happens…they get overgrown, dead canes get in the way of new.  It’s just not a good thing.


So last year I went all out and cleaned them up.  Many scratches and pints of blood later I had a very different looking raspberry patch.  I wasn’t sure if I had gone a little too overboard, but I knew it looked better.

DSC01485A few months later, these lovelies were all over, so I could breath a sigh of relief, I didn’t kill the raspberries.

Which leads to today… one of the things I did with my raspberries was put in new stakes and twine to hole them up.  What I didn’t know was that Stinky the squirrel loves twine for her nest.  So one afternoon I watched as she chewed off every single strand of twine that I had used as support for the raspberries.  It was pretty interesting to see how quickly she could chew it off then ball it all up to fit in her mouth.  But still…

DSC_0813[1] DSC_0814[1]

So today I used wire to act as support.  I ran out before I was done so it’s not quite complete, but I’m happy with the progress so far.  Won’t Stinky be surprised when she comes to find material for her nest…



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