Reality TV Junkie

I am a complete reality tv junkie, of course the Real Housewives franchise is my favorite, minus Miami.  What is it about these shows that make us come back every single week to see what these people are up to?  It’s not like I relate, nor do I want to be these people, it’s more I find them fascinating.  To me, it’s seems so strange to let a bunch of cameras into your life to catch you doing the good, bad and sometimes really ugly then show it to the world.  I joke all the time and tell my husband that I would do it in a second, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t.  Maybe my mind would change if I saw a big fat check sitting in front of me!!

But one thing that strikes me as bizarre about some of these shows is the fighting and making up they do.  Mostly I find this on the Real Housewives, but on some others too.  I’m guessing it’s because they have to film with these people week after week and need to get along or they get booted.  They go to more lunches, dinners and drinks trying to hash out issues than I would ever imagine possible.  Depending on who the person was, I don’t think I would even go to one!!  But that’s probably just me, I’m more like, if you like me and want to hang out, great, but if you don’t, so be it.

My hubs can barely stomach these shows and tends to migrate elsewhere when I put them on.  The one funny thing he said the other day, I was watching one of my reality shows that I had recorded while folding laundry, he pipes in from the other room “is that one of your Housewives shows?”  I said yes and asked him why, his response, “I heard all the fighting and knew it had to be one of those crazy bitches”.  He can be such a funny man sometimes.

I don’t think I’m missing anything in my life (that was suggested to me as to why I love them so much), I think it’s more that it satisfies my snoopy side.  You get a front row seat to peek in, albeit just a tad fake, life of other people.  It’s an hour of mindless television that is just for entertainment, no thinking needed.  Yup, I like that.

Reality shows, love them or hate them?


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