Kalbi, Korean Short Ribs


Who doesn’t like Korean short ribs?  They are sweet, meaty and not that difficult to make and at my house they are a hit with everyone, which is always a bonus.  They are best prepared on a grill, either outside or inside, because you need that nice char on the meat.  Someone once told me they made theirs in a slow cooker….um, no!!!

For the Recipe:

3 lbs. flanken style short ribs

1 c. soy sauce, low sodium is preferred

3/4 c. sugar

1/4 c. brown sugar

2 tbsp. honey

2 tbsp. sesame oil

2 tbsp. grated ginger

3 garlic cloves, give them a whack before you put them in

1 bunch of green onions, cut into 2″ pieces

2 tbsp. Asian sesame seeds, toasted

Put all the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, or container with a lit, to marinate.  My tip… place the bag in another container just in case there happens to be a small hole in the bag, trust me, it happens.  Let sit anywhere from 6-24 hours.  I normally do mine around 8-10 so it doesn’t get too marinated, but that’s just me.


When you are ready to grill keep in mind that this marinade is full of sugar and sugar burns easily.  Also, these short ribs usually are very marbled, and fat burns.  So bottom line, if you do these on a barbeque they will flame up, don’t do them on high, instead do them on a medium heat and keep your eye on them.  If you do them on an inside grill (George Foreman grill works great) still don’t cook on high, and put a little oil on your grill to help with sticking.  These cook quite quickly, about 2 minutes per side (but use your judgement), you want to have a nice char (not burnt) look to them.  If you want to use the leftover marinade to drizzle over rice or the ribs be sure to bring it to a good simmer on the stove to make sure it’s safe.


Serve with rice.



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