How Much Is Too Much

The other night I was watching one of my reality television shows that I love, Married To Medicine, which isn’t anything new.  It’s entertainment and I enjoy the ridiculousness of it, that’s why I watch many of the shows I enjoy.  However, this particular episode one of the wives was getting little gift boxes for kids that were less fortunate than hers.  She said something in the lines of her kids being very privileged (which they are) and her wanting them to help give to those less fortunate.  Quite honestly I applaud that belief, but that’s not where I’m going with this.  What I started thinking about was the amount of toys/stuff/crap my kids have.  How much is too much?  When do you say your kids are privileged?  For me, I think there are different levels of privilege, this particular family is on the upper end.

Not like we give our kids everything they want, but they do get a lot.  It can be difficult to say no to a $20 toy here and there, but they all add up.  Next thing you know you are wading through your own personal Toys R Us!!  I mean really, how many freaking dump trucks does Thing 1 need?  Certainly not 14 of them (yes, I counted).  At three years old it tough explaining to them that a few really should go to kids that do not have any dump trucks, he sees it as someone taking his toy.  It’s a tough lesson sometimes, but hopefully will get easier as he gets older.  Thing 2 on the other hand is a little more accepting of the idea of giving it to kids that do not have tons of toys or cannot afford toys at all.

Easter was a good holiday to see if I could show some restraint.  It’s not like Christmas with all the crazy amounts of toys and the Black Friday deals that seem to never end, it’s kind of like it’s cousin once removed… I’ll admit, it was tough.  You see all the cool stuff you know your kids would love to find in their baskets, but then think “stuff doesn’t equate love”.  Yes, that sounds cheesy but it’s true.

I so want for my kids to appreciate what they have and to learn to understand not everyone has what they have.  I need to learn to appreciate what we have so I can show my kids how to appreciate what we have, teach by example.

I truly am thankful for what we have, for how hard my hubs works to give us what we have.  We are privileged…



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