Types of Garage Sales

I think I have a love hate relationship with garage sales.  On one hand, I just love going to them, looking through all the stuff (mostly junk) that people are trying to sell.  There are those few times when you come across a really cool item at an even cooler price, but that seems to be the rarity.

This morning on my way to get my hair done I stopped at a few and rolled on by a few.  As I headed to the salon I started thinking about the sales and how different they can be from one another.  My conclusion, there are three types of garage sales: ones where people truly want to get rid of stuff and sell if for really cheap, the ones where people have clearly looked up the value of the items they are selling and now want to get that looked up price, and lastly the ones that are trying to get rich selling stuff they think is worth a lot more than it truly is (a broken pair of skis for $100, really?).

Sometimes I like to chat up the ones that believe they are going to make thousands and thousands of dollars on their crap, I mean items.  It’s interesting to hear them talk about how they are giving this stuff away at a steal and that they would hold on to it but they already have three more of the exact same item.

My fondness of garage sales seems to be waning a bit.  The idea of driving around endless neighborhoods looking at stuff I don’t need or even want is starting to seem like a waste of time and energy.  Maybe it’s like my couponing phase, the fun has ceased and I’m ready for a new hobby.  Sure I’ll still stop at one if it’s on my way and I have time, but I won’t go looking for them.

Maybe I’m just tired and I’ll feel differently after I go to a garage sale where I pick up a Le Creuset Goose Pot for $10…. lol, in my dreams!!!


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