Picking a Realtor

I’m not one that has moved a lot so needing a realtor was only a necessity a few times.  In those few times I’ve learned a few things, not all realtors are the same, they don’t know ALL areas, some have better connections than others, and lastly, some offer a better service overall.  Even with all of that I feel like I still need to be able to connect with them, not totally despise them.  Yes, I can be a finicky bird and if you rub me wrong I just don’t want to deal with you.  Luckily, the ones I “interviewed” were all likeable for the most part, which was a good thing.

I looked into three realtors this time, for some reason I like to do things in threes (three price quotes, three chances, etc…).  There immediately was a frontrunner, but there was a second one that I connected with a little better, the third, well that one wasn’t even in the running.  Sitting down to weigh it all out was kind of difficult, I know the decision was one I could always change, but honestly I want to sell this house and not waste time trying out realtors.

When I sat down and really looked over everything, I had to go with the one that had the experience, the network, the little extras which included getting the yard “show” ready as well as the cleaning of the house (after I did all the necessary repairs, etc…) and a couple other services that just made me say “wow, this guy has it together”.  He reminded me of the guy that sold my house before this, he was born to be a realtor.

Bottom line, I’m not looking to find my soul mate, best friend, workout buddy or anything like that.  I’m looking to sell my house in a timely manner.  Did I make the right decision?  I sure hope so, but I guess time will tell.  Hopefully I’m posting soon about how quickly the house sold.  I’m looking forward to writing posts on my adventures in house hunting…



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