Packing and Twins…

The two just don’t mix!!  I’ve tried my best to really get a lot done myself, but it’s hard, really hard.  I am unable to just start packing and get it done, there are way too many interruptions.  From diaper changes (Thing 1 is still a hold out) to the unending request for snacks, to the, what seems to be, unending fighting that results in someone’s meltdown.  Reality has hit and the movers have been scheduled.  Part of me feels like a failure, like I should have been able to do it myself, the other parts feels like why the heck didn’t I get them earlier.  My simple answer, I’m stubborn and think I can do it all.  Sometimes it takes me a little longer to accept what my brain has known for a while, one person cannot pack a home by themselves while watching three year old twins.  Just not happening!!

Instead of feeling like a failure, I need to look at all the packing, organizing, and donating of all the stuff I did do.  When I was at the house today I really got to see that I did a lot and shouldn’t be unhappy at all.  Maybe it’s all this change going on and having to adjust to a totally different schedule, surroundings and the feeling that I’m homeless.

Ok, saying I’m homeless is being dramatic, but in a way it’s how I feel.  Renting for me doesn’t feel like “home”, it’s just this temporary place that I’m staying with my kids until we land in a permanent place.  Again, I think it’s just all the change that’s making me feel so blah and unsettled.  My hope is that once my house is empty and officially on the market I will be able to focus on our little piece of urban Heaven.  Make the most of being in this very convenient location and get myself on some kind of routine where I feel comfortable.  Hhhmmm, I’m sounding a little like Rain Man here…

My goal is to spend more time on my blog, Facebook page and website in the evenings.  During the day we will be exploring our surroundings and taking advantage of all the parks that are so close.  Now that the twinadoes don’t have a backyard I need to take them out to run off all the unending energy.

I need a drink!!!


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