The Start to Saying Goodbye

It’s no secret that I am having some sadness over leaving my home, thankfully I will be so busy the next two days I won’t really have time to dwell on the reality of the house being cleared out.  My mantra the past couple weeks is “you have to see the positive”, and for the most part it’s working.  Part of me feels guilty  feeling this sadness over a house I am choosing to leave when there are people saying goodbye to their homes without that luxury, so please forgive my little pity party.

Tomorrow the packers come to box up all the remaining items then the following day they will either be put in storage or brought to the rental.  As this day approached I got more free with the donation pile.  Items no longer seemed like treasures and became much easier to part with.  On Facebook there are these buy nothing sites where people post items they no longer want and people can pick them up for free.  Not only did I use them but I also posted my “free” garage sales which made quick work of a lot of things I wanted gone in a short amount of time.

During one of those sales I met Hand Job, a young kid that came to pick up stuff his girlfriend felt uncomfortable taking.  She didn’t want to seem greedy and take too much.  In my mind I’m thinking “take it all!!”.  He is this sweet kid that has now become one of the most helpful people in this move, I truly lucked out meeting him.  Today he made yet another trip to the local thrift store to drop off more donations.  I told him I would give him the nickname Tetris if he could fit the entire pile into his car and the name Hand Job if he didn’t.  I guess you know how that turned out…Have you heard the saying that people come into your life for a reason, well not only has he been incredibly helpful but he’s been some great comic relief.

Tomorrow I will be at the house bright and early to clean up the chaos and make sure everything is in a somewhat organized .  Hand Job is coming again to take the remaining items he couldn’t fit today as well as some stuff he’s taking home.  When I did a walk around the house this evening it dawned on me that there really isn’t much left that needs to be packed.

My next hurdle will be when I see the “Sold” on the sign, then I will really know it’s not my house.  But on the positive  (you have to see the positive, right?) that will mean the adventure of finding a new house will begin.  A fresh start, new area, new neighbors (I’ll still miss my old ones) and a new house to build memories and make a home.  It’s going to be ok, my family is with me, and so are all the wonderful memories I have of this home I am preparing  to say goodbye to.


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