Coolest Kids Ever!!

The twinadoes are far from perfect, in fact, I’ve never said they were, however they are the coolest kids ever!!  Through this whole move they have been beyond wonderful, yes I know kids are resilient (if one more person says that to me I think I might go violent) but it’s still a change and as every parenting book will tell you, kids like structure and the safety of a routine.  Their routine was drastically changed and except for a few little moments they have done great.  Their new routine is now embraced and accepted, though they still ask about “like before”.  It does sadden me that it’s not like it was before, but I need to stop that and think more in the lines of “what it will be soon”.

I’ve been tapering off the amount of time they spend at the old house and they don’t ask for it like they did in the beginning.  They are no longer saying “I want to go home” and referring to that house.  Now they say the new place is home, except for a few times.  They are just so cool…

This new adventure of city life is so exciting for them.  Instead of it being a given we will be taking the car now they ask if we are walking or taking the car, preferring the first option.  They are learning about how to safely walk around the sidewalks with busy traffic, what the walk and don’t walk signs look like, and they even know how to use the key fob to get into the building and elevator.  Yes, they are that cool.

The police, ambulances and fire trucks are total entertainment to them.  They run from window to window watching them fly by.  And the people on the street…talk about unending fun.  They yell down to them, Thing 2 even invited a group of 20 y/o men up to the apartment yelling “hey guys, up here!!  Come on up!!”.  That girl is going to be the death of me in her teens if this is already starting up at three.  Thing 1 not to be outdone, ogles the cute dark haired girls as they walk down the street with the biggest grin on his face.  Total handfuls, but yes they are that cool.

I think it’s safe to say that the coolest kids ever and I will be heading in to this next adventure with our eyes focused on the future but still able to enjoy the present, our minds thinking about what we need to do to get us to the future but still able to navigate the present, and our hearts holding tight to the wonderful memories of our past as well as embracing all the joys and experiences of the present.  Thank goodness for the coolest kids ever…


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