Twinadoes At 3 1/2

On this lovely Friday afternoon I thought it was a perfect time to do a little post on the twinadoes.  They are now a little over 3 1/2 years old and wild as ever.  These days, instead of trying to fight the insanity I simply try to survive in it.  Quite honestly, it’s become the norm (I can almost see all the eye rolls and the terse look of those dying to give me and earful) and we’re thriving.  To top it all off we are currently living in an apartment, and haven’t been asked to leave….yet.

They started preschool in March and it was the best thing for them.  Thing 1 has really become more independent and not so clingy to me, I am able to leave without the big crocodile tears and the vice like grip clinging to anything on me he can.  Thing 2 is my little social butterfly and is relishing in all the friends she is making.  Every time I sneak in there to see how they interact with the other kids she can be found in the midst of a group being her bossy little self.  I wonder where she gets that from?

The nudity is still an issue, mostly with Thing 2.  She takes every opportunity to shed her clothes and run free.  She tells me she’s a tiger and tigers don’t need clothes.  Sure kid… whatever gets your clothes off.  Thing 1 mostly keeps his clothes on, but every once in a while he just needs a little naked time.  I’m ok with it as long as they aren’t on the balcony waving to the pedestrians below.

Though I would be lying if I said my kids were beyond that feral jackal stage, it’s not lying to say they are really much better.  Wild, yes.  A little out of control, yes.  But we can now eat a meal without having to pay for the tables around us due to a flying shoe, spit, a wayward utensil or piece of food.  We now have a good twenty minutes before we are running for the door.

As they get older I am seeing progress, but I’m still not in any hurry to break their little free spirits.  However, there are certain infractions that even this mom cannot tolerate.  Any biting, hitting, scratching or use of weapons will get you sent to ad seg (we got this from watching many episodes of Lockdown Raw).

Parenting in our house is probably not in line with a lot of other people, and I get it.  I listen to all their advice and techniques they used on their kids that seemed to work miracles, so well they are still using them on their adult children living at home with them…

My kids are wild, feral, and full of spunk.  Of course there are days when I wish they were quiet, calm little drones so I could have some peace, but not for long.  I would miss all the chaos.  Can’t believe I said that!!  This from the woman that really never thought she would ever have kids.  And for the record, I still really don’t like kids.  I’m not one of those converts that just loves being surrounded by hundreds of kids and playing endless games that make me feel like I’ve been sent to a home for the mentally mundane.

It’s Friday and I’m ready to head out for a nice dinner and some drinks… oh wait, I’ve got twinadoes and there’s a Paw Patrol marathon happening…


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