Spam Musubi


Before you roll your eyes and move on, hear me out.  Spam is not high on lists of favorite foods for many people, it’s not like it’s something I use a lot of either, however, there are a few recipes that are really delicious that use it.  Spam musubi is one such delight.  I can’t begin to tell you how many people have turned their noses up to it simply because it has Spam as one of the ingredients.  Even better, almost all of them became Spam musubi fans after just one bite…

For the Recipe:

1 can of Spam, sliced into 8 pieces

3 c. cooked calrose rice

4 squares sushi nori (the squares of seaweed used to wrap sushi)

2 tbsp. brown sugar

2 tbsp. light soy sauce

Fry the Spam slices in a pan, do not use any oil.  Cook until nicely browned on both sides.  While they are still warm, sprinkle each pieces lightly with a little brown sugar.  Next, cut your nori in half lengthwise, they should just fit a slice of spam.  Place about 1/3 c. of rice on the nori and shape it to fit the size of the Spam slice (wet your hands so the rice won’t stick to them).  Using a spoon, very lightly sprinkle a little of the soy sauce over the rice, then place a slice of Spam on top.  Roll it like you would a sushi roll, keeping it fairly tight.  Wet the end of the nori so it will stick and close.


You can either serve like this,


or you can cut into nice bite size pieces, I’ve had it both ways.  Just for fun I put some minced chives over the top, I’ll be doing that again!

These are really easy to make and not expensive at all.  The more I think about it the more I want to experiment with adding a few things to make them a little more fancy, even though they are not meant to be fancy at all!!

**Note: I also replace the brown sugar and soy sauce with a teriyaki sauce (I prefer Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce).



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