Excellent Childcare…Priceless

Childcare is one of those necessities that if you have kids you will eventually need.  Whether it’s every day, a few times a week or just once a month it can be stressful to find someone to fill this need.  I’ve been pretty lucky in this category, especially since we don’t have family around to watch our children.  When the twinadoes were infants I rarely left them in the care of others, I just wanted to be with them and do it all myself.  But there are times when I still needed someone.

Luckily, I had a neighbor that fit that bill.  She was seriously the perfect person to watch my little feral jackals.  Nothing phased her, and they absolutely loved her.  As soon as she walked in I was knocked down a few notches on the totem pole, and that was ok with me.  Knowing that my kids were happy and in good hands is worth being demoted for a few hours.

But like they say, all good things must come to an end and she moved away to go to pastry school.  We had a few others that filled this need, but nobody that was permanent or regular, that is until The Feral Jackal Whisperer.  Now, pay attention because this is the confusing part…the perfect childcare provider’s dad worked with a guy who’s wife watched children in addition to her regular job.  They were living in our neighborhood with pcp’s dad while their house was being finished so having her right across the street was way beyond convenient.  But then their house was completed and they moved, but not too far that she couldn’t continue to watch my lovely little jackals.

And that is how we came to know The Feral Jackal Whisperer.  She always brings her daughter with her and my kids love it.  I don’t call to check in when we are out (I’ve known people that seriously call hourly) because there is no need.  If something were to happen I know I would get a call.  Normally when we come home she will be holding one jackal with a second one right next to her.  She just oozes that whole maternal I love kids stuff that I think I was born without.  She and her daughter fit us perfectly, it’s like we’ve known them forever.  There’s this comfort about them, they don’t seem like people we pay to watch our kids, they seem like friends that come over and hang with them while we are gone.  This is truly priceless.

Today while Thing 2 was having a little procedure at the hospital Thing 1 stayed behind with The Feral Jackal Whisperer.  Rather than have him stuck in a little apartment I told her she could take him back to her house and just bring him back by 3pm or so.  When he came home he was all happy and talking about their fun day and how he wanted to do it again.  TFJW of course said she would take him or both anytime.  Yes, I love this woman.  When people ask me if I know anyone that I trust to watch kids I’m hesitant to give her name, I don’t want any competition for her time.  Yes, I am selfish, but if you had someone as wonderful as TFJW you would be too!




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