Freezing Garlic and Onions

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It is a rare day when I don’t have garlic and onions in the kitchen.  But even as much as I use them there are times when I find I have them and I know I won’t use them before they go bad, and I hate waste.  The solution?  Freeze them.

The garlic I freeze two ways, whole cloves (not bulbs) and chopped, with my preference for the former.  Onions I always chop and put into quart size bags, measuring before I put them in (1 cup, 2 cup, etc…).  Not only does this extend their life but it’s really convenient when you are cooking in a hurry, save time cutting up onions.

As for the flavor, they are just fine.  However, as with all frozen vegetables, I feel they lose their normal “fresh” consistency, but once they are cooked or mixed into something it doesn’t really matter.

I purchase my garlic at the Asian stores in big bags, and this weekend I noticed even Costco is selling them like that.  What I never buy is that yucky stuff in a jar, it just doesn’t have the normal garlic flavor, it’s more like a processed flavor to me that is really unpleasant.  Maybe that’s just me.

Give freezing garlic and onions a try, let me know what you think!


One thought on “Freezing Garlic and Onions

  1. Very cool, no pun intended. I never knew you could do this, and I never buy them fresh because of spoilage. Yet once in a while, I wish I had them available. No more jars of garlic sitting in the fridge for years. And onions, I can buy onions again! Yay!

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