A Little Sleepless Poem Humor…


It’s 3 am and I hear a noise

 What do I do, I must make a choice.

 I get out of bed to go take a look,

 animal, ghost, menacing crook?

 The closer I get it becomes quite clear,

 Handy Manny and laughter is what I hear

 Which child of mine is taking my sleep

 Take a deep breath, I have composure to keep

 Hi mama! I hear, his voice wide awake

 Are you kidding me? It’s 3 am for Pete’s sake!

 I tell him it’s late and he must go to bed,

 His response is No!! while shaking his head.

 Clearly this answer is not going to work

 “Off to bed you go” I say with a smirk

 I cross my fingers he gets what I’m saying

 This mama is tired and in no mood for playing

 Handy Manny you suck, as do the rest of your crew

 Cancel Nick Jr. that’s just what I”ll do

 For now I’ll be happy with my son in bed

 And me connecting the pillow with my head

 A few more times I command to no avail

 Just go to sleep!! I begin to wail

 I give up the dream of any more rest,

 And succumb to a freaking Handy Manny fest.



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