Meatloaf Recipe, with a Side of Humor

Last night for dinner I made meatloaf and it got me wondering what everyone else puts in theirs.  So I asked on my Facebook page and ended up getting the following recipe.

“ground beef, ground pork, eggs, crumbs of any variety (usually the crap bread-ends the kids won’t eat. Must be poisonous.), garlic, BBQ sauce or ketchup, vinegar (like a few large glugs), small wad of sugar, liquid smoke if you dare, oatmeal, and salt and pepper. Mix and sniff. I would actually sample the pink slime but apparently it’s frowned upon, especially if there are people over. I drain out the fat goodness from the pans about halfway through cooking, then smother it in the glory that is BBQ sauce. Nom nom”

I especially love the “usually the crap bread-ends the kids won’t eat. Must be poisonous”.  Actually, there isn’t much about this recipe that I don’t love!!

Quite honestly, this is how most of my recipes look, no real measurements, when I cook it’s usually a bit of this a handful of that and a few sprinkles to taste .  Coming up with actual measurements is one of my biggest struggles when sharing recipes.  When you think you are using roughly a tablespoon of something it might actually be closer to 1/4 cup, etc…  it’s just tough!!!

This recipe was just too great not to share, a big thank you to Amarayah for sharing this!!  Anyone want to try and make it using her “measurements”? I think I’m going to give it a whirl.


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