My Un-Potty Trained Little Boy…

He’s 3 1/2 and oh so cute,

but in his pants my sweetness continues to poop.

I beg and I plead for him to just try,

I promise it’s better, I swear it’s no lie.

The potty is fun just you wait and see,

Then you’ll be just like papa, sissy and me.

With hopeful eyes I wait his response,

Maybe he’ll try it, just maybe, even once.

The response I get is not to my liking,

This so isn’t funny and I’m thinking of striking

Oh wait, that’s right, I don’t get paid

No strike for me, chef, driver and maid

My little boy, I love you so much,

But come on already, enough is enough

 Put on your big boy undies, let’s get this done,

 A quick no I hear, start the pity party for one

 So I’m of to change another damn diaper,

 For I’m his mama, the perpetual ass wiper.


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