Life, To Share Or Not To Share….

This blog can be so random sometimes.  One day it’s all about what I’m cooking, next it’s about the twinadoes, and sometimes it’s just my random thoughts on various subjects.  Basically, it’s about my life.  And currently my life is all kinds of crazy and out of whack.  Between the move, trying to sell the house, adjusting to life in an apartment with my lovely feral jackals and all the emotional ups and downs that come with this it can be overwhelming at times.  This blog sometimes feels like a personal journal, but one I must remember is open for reading.  I try to share a lot, but also be respectful of the people in my life that it also involves that might not want all our info put out there.

I enjoy writing my little blog, I really don’t do it for any other reason than for entertainment.  I like to share little bits of this and that as well as have a way for me to keep everything for future reference and to look back on.  Sometimes I want to really divulge on some of the nitty gritty details of my life, but alas, I refrain.  Lately there has been a lot going on and I feel like others are probably going through some of the same things as me and could benefit knowing they are not the only ones.  However, there’s that little voice in my head that again reigns me back in.  I have my little circle of friends that I divulge pretty much EVERYTHING and it can be very helpful, but then there are times when I know it’s best to keep mum.  I can’t help it, I like to share!!

Whenever I come across someone that puts it out there that their life is just so darn great, they never argue with their spouse, their kids are doing wonderfully in school and everyone raves about them, that birds and butterflies hover over them because, well they are just that great I tend to think they are the ones hiding the most.  Either that or they are overly medicated…

I used to have an online journal that I loved.  It was public, but I never used real names or associated it with anything in my real life.  The issues were real, just not the names and places.  Maybe I just need to open another one….




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