Rhode Island, The Second Time….

Last year it was a miracle I even made it to Rhode Island.  I had forgotten my ID at home and was let on (barely) the plane using only my bankcard with picture.  This year I brought two ID’s just to be sure.  This year I was ready, had everything in order and was pretty confident I was going to a great flight without any issues.  Besides, this time it wasn’t just me I was bringing Thing 2 as well.

My hubs and Thing 1 took me to the airport, walked me to security and stayed until I got on the other side.  Later I told Sip’n Dip that I don’t think anyone was 100% confident that I would make it to Rhode Island, maybe only 85-90%.  And with good cause….

After I made it through security I texted my hubs and said we were good, I was through.  So off he went and Thing 2 and I trudged forward on our adventure.  But wait, who’s that man yelling my name running after me?  Seriously?  I got through, no alarms, no pulling me aside, nothing, I was good!!!  So I stopped, really didn’t want to get tasered and hot tied in front of the kid, to see what he wanted.  Apparently I had forgotten my boarding passes and ID in one of the security buckets.  Are. You. Kidding. Me.  Oh no, not kidding.  Part of me was going to keep this little bit to myself, but no, I texted my hubs as well as posted it to my personal Facebook.  I’m honest like that.

Thankfully, the rest of the way was pretty uneventful, pleasant in fact.  I was so excited to see Sip’n Dip and to get out of the airport.  So off we went to grab my bags.  I said “keep your eye out for two black bags”.  First bag, got it, second bag, well….  So we are standing there watching the same bags go around the carousel, and none of them mine.  Finally the carousel stops and they announce that all bags from my flight have been unloaded and that if you did not get your bag to go see the customer service desk.  There are a few bags still sitting there that Sip’n Dip tells me to make sure aren’t mine.  I told her none of them were black but go look just to amuse her.  But wait, there is this gray bag that has been going around and around that now I’m right on looks strangely familiar.  Why does it look familiar?  Because it’s mine!!!  I totally forgot I had taken one black and one gray.  The eye roll I received from Sip’n Dip was hilarious.  She looks at me and says, in her very strong accent, “we couldah been outta heaya twenty minutes ahgo”.  I burst into laughter, grabbed my bag and tried to keep some composure as I walked out of the airport.

And that my friends is why nobody will ever bet the farm that I will 100% make it to my destination when I take an airplane.


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