Traveling With Half of the Twinado



This week Thing 2 and I have been in Rhode Island visiting Sip’n Dip and her family. This was the first time taking Thing 2 on a plane, her brother did not accompany us on this adventure because I knew that was asking for trouble, Thing 1 on a plane for 6 hours….  I was fairly confidant that Thing 2 would be able to handle the hours of sitting in a seat with nothing else but her Kindle, tablet, headphones, paper and crayons, and of course tons of snacks.

My little lovey listens fairly well, but when you are in an airport trying to get through security lines, keep all your stuff together and do it as quickly as possible to avoid any meltdowns you have to plan ahead.  For one, I only brought the essentials, no huge carry on that I would need to stuff in an already packed overhead storage bin then again get down (those bins are not meant for us shorties).  Rather, I brought a large purse that fit everything wonderfully.  An extra plastic bag was added after Thing 2 saw that big row of candy in the little store right next to our gate, but that wasn’t a biggie.  More importantly was the peace and ease all the little extras made possible.

The other key to the success of the flights, getting her settled and comfortable as quickly as possible.  Once on the plane and at our row I put all our stuff on my seat, got her buckled in and adjusted, then I was able to get myself buckled and ready for our little journey.  I knew too much jostling and moving of my little potential tantrum thrower was not a good thing, so all this had been thought out ahead of time.  I had already endured the “oh crap, please don’t let them be sitting next to me” looks and I was throwing back my “screw you, I am going to show you!!”  And I did.

I’ve seen those flustered parents dragging the kid along, both with the looks of “this sucks” written all over their faces.  I on the other hand proudly walked through the airport with my little flyer giddy and high on sugar.  I’m confident she can do it again, that this wasn’t just a fluke, but I will again plan ahead and be ready.  On the flight back home Thing 2 had picked out a little dinosaur backpack that was the perfect size for her to carry her own snacks.  This will be used again.

We had a short layover, which at first made me a tad nervous.  How would Thing 2 handle getting off one plane and pretty much jumping immediately onto another.  Thankfully, our plane was a few minutes early so we had time to use the restroom (the thought of having to take her into the restroom on the plane did not appeal to me), attempt to get a snack

WP_20140917_13_18_58_Pro  as well as have a little fun on the moving walkway.  I say attempt because mom of the year here dropped her little hot dog as I was handing it to her.  And considering it took them 15 minutes to make that one I knew we didn’t have time to order another $14 hotdog.  Solution?  More candy of course… Yes, that mom of the year crown I wear shines so bright it’s could blind you.  Later Sip’n Dip who had been following my Facebook updates said she was freaking out that I was stopping for a little lunch, she thought for sure I would miss the plane.  Granted we were one of the last ones on, but we certainly didn’t miss our flight.

So overall this was a successful first flight for my little mini me.  Am I as confident of such success flying with Thing 1?  No.  Plain. and. Simple.  His maiden flight will not be to the other side of the country, maybe to the next state.



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