Preparing For A Guest

This week Sip’N Dip will be visiting us for a few days.  Normally I would prepare the spare bedroom and get it all cozy, however, now that we are in the apartment we no longer have a spare bedroom.  I know Sip’n Dip won’t care about the lodgings, but I like to go into Bed and Breakfast mode when I have guests.  Fresh croissants, a gift basket with toiletries to use while with us, just the normal stuff to make a visit more pleasant.  This time… well I hope she’s ready to rough it because here’s what we are offering, a blow up mattress that will most likely be invaded by the twinadeos, a semi-private room that we are hoping she doesn’t break her neck trying to maneuver with all the toys and some kid soap that is at least tear free.  Yes, we have gone from being a 4 star hotel to one step up from the No Tell Motel (ok so I’m being a little dramatic).

How do you like to get your home ready for guests?  Do you like to stock extras in the refrigerator?  Buy some extra nice soaps and offer up the “nice” towels, the ones not used for bathing the dog.  Or is it a fend for yourself kind of welcome where you point out where everything is while reminding them of your geriatric cat that they won’t want to get in their room or she’ll accidentally use their suitcase as her litter box and the inquisitive creepy neighbor that loves to look into windows where the blinds are left up?

Thankfully, we don’t have any insane animals, just our “spirited” twinadoes, and as for the neighbors, well I think at this point I’ve done more snooping on them when they leave their blinds up then they have of me (there’s on in particular that I like to see when he gets up, gets home and when he goes to sleep all by checking when his tv is on).  Hhhmm, maybe I shouldn’t admit to that… But I should mention, we are in the same building as a great doughnut shop, that counts for something, right?

Joking about all this is no problem because I know that any person I would invite to my home/apartment is not some snotty potty that would freak at not having all the luxuries of a hotel.  No, I only invite good people that are happy to visit with my family and I, the type that are ok waking up at 6 am to a little jackal telling them they just farted.

Can’t wait to see you Sip’n Dip!!!


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