Nailed It!!


Baking, it’s a love hate relationship with me.  I truly want to be a fantastic baker, but all those directions that need to be followed are just so difficult.  Then there’s the fact that I can’t focus on one thing to save my life, I wander off in the middle of making something, then forget where I was.  Cookies, cakes, brownies or any of the other goodies that fall in this category just never worked out.  I once made brownies for my husband and he said he had never seen brownies as gray as mine, or as goopy after being in the oven for two hours.  You would think I would just throw in the towel and say no more baking for me.  Oh no, quite the opposite.  I will not fail at this baking thing, so I made it my goal to better my skills.

After I got that hang of baking little goodies I felt I needed to move on to decorating.  And that brings us to this little adventure…Grinch cookies.  I found these cookies last year but couldn’t find the right cookie cutter, so I spent the next few months hunting down one that would work, I did!!  I had to do a little adjusting, fattening the top, that took all of about 1 second.

This weekend I made my first batch of these super adorable cookies.  To be honest, I’m really happy with how they turned out.  I plan on doing a few more batches to get even better, people are going to be so sock of getting my test batches…

DSC_1728I’ve read that if you put your cookies in the freezer for a few minutes before you bake them they won’t spread.  I might try that next time, these did spread, but not too bad.

DSC_1734 DSC_1733

After they cool you do the outline.  I used this royal icing, but there are several recipes online.  I used the same one for the outline and flooding, I just changed the consistency.

To get this deep color of green I used almost 3/4 of a bottle of green food coloring.  Normally I like to use India Tree but the grocery store I went to didn’t have it, so I settled with McCormick’s. For the eyes I used their yellow coloring.

DSC_1735Once the outline was dried I did the flooding.  I thinned out the royal icing and used plain white bottles to fill in the cookie.  I let these set out all night to dry.

DSC_1732I set aside a few of the cookies that were not perfect or got a little brown to use as practice.  You can also use a paper plate or whatever you want.  I had a few cookies so it gave me a chance to practice on the same size as the real ones.

DSC_1737Overall, I’m quite pleased with my first attempt at Grinch cookies.  I’ve learned from this batch and that will make the next one so much better.

Anyone else attempting any fun holiday cookies this season?  If you are and want to share please post a picture to my Facebook page!


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