It’s A Kid’s Birthday Party…

The twinadoes will be turning four in December, for me it’s like this magic number where they bridge from my little toddlers to full on kids.  It’s so strange to look at them and see how they have changed, how independent and determined they have become.  When they were babies a simple birthday was just fine, it was more for the adults anyway, right?  A day to say “phew, made it another year”.

But last year that changed.  They started to get friends and had been invited to other parties at jump places, and other similar venues, so of course they wanted that.  Here we are again at that time, looking up available dates for their birthday party, as well as bracing for the cost.  Last year I was truly shocked at how much it is to have a 1 1/2 hour kids party at one of those places.  I mean $500 was a hard one to swallow, and that was just for the party place, you still had to add in the cake, party bags, presents and all the other little extras.

Sure it’s great to not have to pick anything up, have your kids be able to go buck wild in a place other than your home, and of course have your kids spend some fun time with their friends.  I try to be positive, it’s only once a year and it is for two kids…anyway I can justify it, right?

Between the two of us, I would definitely say I’m the cheaper of the two parents.  My husband took on the task of finding a place to hold the birthday party, which I was thankful for.  When he forwarded me the confirmation email I did choke a tad at the total.  I know it’s been a year and prices go up but…

Insert deep breath… I need to remember, it’s just one day, their birthday.  But at what point do you say, ok this is just too much?  There are tons of kids that do not get these kinds of birthday parties and they are just fine.  A cake and a few friends at home should suffice, right?  What kind of expectations are we giving our kids?

The other day I was talking to the hubs about how I want these kids to not just expect things, that they need to know and respect that not everyone is as fortunate, as far as material item.  That you need to work for what you get and be thankful for what you have, not just complain that you don’t have every single toy you want.  But how do you balance that line?  Give your kids nice things but still teach them they are very fortunate, with this I sometimes struggle.  Am I the only one?

Before you judge and tell me to “just stop buying them things” which of course would be a quick solution, I also feel this situation has the potential for really teaching my kids some important lessons about life and differences.  But for now, I’m focusing on a birthday party.  A day to celebrate the two most important people to me, the two coolest people I know.  It is after all just one day…


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