Colored Sugar

It’s baking season!!  Time to go crazy with the cookies, candies, and everything else sweet and delicious.  All that baking can add up and put a little dent in your wallet, so when you can save money why not?  Colored sugar is one of those places you can save by making it at home.  More than likely you have everything you need already in your pantry….sugar and food coloring.  Yup, that’s it.


I used 1/2 cup of sugar, that’s just a good amount for me.  Feel free to adjust to suit your needs.  And since it’s the holidays, I am making red.

DSC_1765You could us a bowl to mix the sugar, but I find it to be much easier in a plastic bag.  You can use your fingers to break up the color clumps, shake the heck out of the stuff and sugar won’t go flying everywhere (make sure your bag is properly sealed).  I started with two healthy drops of coloring to start, but ended up adding two more to get the red I was looking for.

DSC_1766The sugar will not be ready to use right away, as you can see, it looks a little like damp sand in the bag.

DSC_1767To dry out, spread it out on some parchment paper on a tray, or any however works best for you.  I’ve seen people do a quick dry in a 200 degree oven, but since I don’t need it right away I’m just letting it air dry.  As it dries it will clump up a bit, I find if you put it through a strainer all the large clumps will be caught (sometime the color will dry in a little bead, you don’t want that).

That’s it, simple right?  Store in an airtight container.  I have a few containers from colored sugars that I’ve purchased in the past, work like a charm!



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