Birthday Party Gift Bags

Before I had children I never attended any birthday parties for people under 21, I mean why in the world would I?  Now that I have children they have become quite the norm.  I’ve been to home birthday parties with a homemade cake to parties that were held at just shy of Disneyland with an equally impressive cake, and everything in between.  What always seems to be present, the party gift bags.

When you have a party at a bouncy house they usually throw in the gift bag, however, it’s usually filled with crap that, if you looked, is on every choking hazard list known to man.  Whenever we get those they rarely make it in the house, yes I know that sounds bad… but any parent will tell you, the last thing they need is another plastic ball that will either get sucked up by the vacuum, eaten by the dog, or worse…  Lately it seems like the gift bag has become yet another part of the birthday party that needs to be perfect.  You don’t want to have the bag full of crap that gets tossed.


This bag is causing me stress… it’s not part of the twinadoes’ theme, dinosaurs and construction, nor is it birthday themed.  However, I thought it was really adorable and it was a good size to fit the stuff I bought for the gift bags.   Why in the hell am I getting stressed about a damn bag?  Seriously, there are so many other things to be giving attention.


Then the contents of the bag… since we are still doing one birthday party for both kids I am combining gift bag contents.  There won’t be one solely for dinosaurs and one for construction stuff, that would just be way too much for me to deal with and I don’t have enough pills in my cabinet for that.  So this year I opted for tattoos, puzzle, sticker book (so we aren’t the only ones with stickers on our walls), little coloring book with crayons, construction hat and a little construction truck.  Of course I’ll have to throw a handful of candy in them as well just to make sure the kids are all sugared up.

But how in the world did these gift bags become such a big deal?  And when the heck did they start?  And better yet, when the hell do they stop?  Do you do gift bags at your children’s parties?  Do you set an amount that you don’t go over for the contents?

Yeesh, I’m missing those over 21 birthday parties….


2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Gift Bags

  1. I tried to do a craft at the party that was a take home -garden theme, they did painted flower pots and I threw in a bag of seeds. Decorated simple picture frames and did photos of the birthday child with the party guest to go in the frame, yours could decorate or make a holiday ornament maybe? The craft activity was good for the time when guests are arriving and not everyone knows each other – there are a ton of ideas and even kits at most craft stores 🙂

    • I love the idea of a take home craft. If we ever do a party at home I will definitely do that, but so far we’ve held them at jump places, so nowhere to do a craft. A few times I hosted play dates at my house where we planted flowers from seed. That was fun since they got to get all dirty.

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