And Then She Turned Four…

My sweet little girl, you’re growing so fast

Your face holds the future and much of the past.

You look so much like two people that you’ve never met

Those eyes are from someone I’ll never forget

You have your own way of getting things done

Turning every situation into an opportunity for fun

Strong, determined, sensitive and kind

Constantly showing us you have your own mind

I know you are four, not technically a baby

But to me you always will be, even when you are eighty.

I cherish these days but I need to remember

The days of your childhood won’t last forever

For now I hold your hand when we cross the street

Make you crustless jelly jellys for you to eat

I’ll teach you what I know and help you become your best

For one day you’ll spread your wings and fly from my nest

So thankful am I to call you my daughter

And I hope you are glad that I am your mother








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