Christmas 2014

Overall this was a great holiday season.  The twinadoes had a blast, they really got the whole Santa concept this year.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how this holiday would go, would we get a tree, would I bake much or what?  I am not a creature that likes change, in fact, I hate change.  For the past eight years we’ve had a giant tree that was so bright you could probably see it from space.  The cookies I baked could have fed a third world country.  And the decorations around the house…well, let’s just say it was like a red, green and white tornado.  This year, our tree was a little barely six foot beauty that we decorated with one box of decorations.  I did bake, more than I thought I would, which was nice, but definitely not like years past.  As for decorations around the apartment, not so much.  But that’s ok.

What I wish I would have savored a little more, the sights and sounds of Christmas in the pacific northwest.  This is more than likely our last one here.  Nothing is set in stone, but let’s just say the ball is rolling…  I’m totally thrilled with the holiday we gave the twinadoes.  They were able to meet Santa, see lots of lights (the crazy 12’s house in Kirkland was the best!), and get that happy holiday feel.  For that I am thankful.

I’ve joked that next year I plan on going Christmas crazy, like Griswold Christmas crazy.  The reality is I was only partway joking.  I want the decorations and the lights and everything else that goes with the best time of the year.  I want to make a big meal and a place to share with friends.

Even with my list of wants I know I have it pretty darn good.  I’m just being honest of how this holiday went for me personally and how I will be happy for a holiday that is closer to what I am use to.  Yes I’m happy this is over and an even bigger yes that I had a nice time, as did my family.  For this I am thankful.

I hope you all had a pleasant holiday no matter what you were celebrating.  Now on to the New Year’s celebration.


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