Goodbye 2014, Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Butt on the Way Out….


I can truly say I am not sad to see 2014 go, it was a rough year for me.  Not to say it was all bad, but I definitely don’t need to repeat it.  We probably all have one of those years that we are happy to see end, this was mine.

This year I said farewell to a few friendships, but was also reminded how strong a few are as well.  As I get older I no longer need tons of friends, I am much more content with a few really good ones.  Like they say, quality over quantity.  Makes me treasure my quality friends even more.  Communication skills were sharpened due to this, which has helped in many areas of life, at least I can say something good came from these losses.

This year we moved out of our home into an apartment.  Our house is still for sale, hopefully the new year will bring a new owner for her… Once she is sold we can buy another home and get out of the apartment.  Living in 1200 square feet with two 4 year olds is challenging and very frustrating.  I find myself getting annoyed so much easier when the twinadoes are going crazy and being the wild feral jackals they are. They were use to being able to run and be wild toddlers but now we have neighbors above, below and next to us so they are having to learn the art of quiet play…So far it’s not going over very well.  Life will be so much more pleasant in a home with a backyard.

As for the home…. what zip code we will be in has not been completely determined.  On one hand that’s kind of exciting, but then on the other hand it gets me all kinds of crazy.  Change and I are not friends.  I like order and routine.  My hope is that we will know for sure where we will be living early in 2015.

Being in such a state of question makes me anxious.  So many people have said to look at this time of transition as an adventure, I tried at first, but my routine loving self just wouldn’t let it last for long.  On a positive note, I will never complain or take for granted the walk from a garage to inside a home, or the luxury of leaving stuff in the car and making several small trips at my leisure to bring in purchases.  All this has taught me to be a little more grateful for what I do have.

My wish is for 2015 to be filled with fun, good times, lots of love, good health and routine!!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, better than the last and filled with everything you wish for.


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