Separating the Twinadoes

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been together from their very, and I mean VERY, beginning.  When we brought them home we had a little twin sleeper that had two side by side compartments but they preferred to be in one together.  We only set up one nursery and figured we would separate them when we changed their cribs to toddler beds.  That idea was met with tears and “no!!”.  So we shelved the idea of separating them and decided to wait until they were ready and asked for it.

Well I think that time is coming.  Thing 2 has been mentioning she wants “her own space”.  I told her when we move we will set up their rooms so they each have one, she liked that idea.  Of course it was followed with “but Oliver and I can share each other’s room when we sleep, right?”.  So I think it will still be a transition and there will still be some room sharing at bedtime, but complete room sharing is coming to an end.

This makes me a little sad.  My little babies are just not babies anymore, haven’t been for a while.  They are growing up and becoming so very independent.  It’s exciting to see this, but also a little hard on my mom heart.  I totally get it when women with adult kids still try to mother them, I think it’s something that just never leaves us.  Even those of us that are not effortless mothers.  They are our babies no matter what.

I’ll take this next stage in stride.  I’ll have a little private cry after I finish setting up their individual rooms, then take comfort that they are doing what they should be doing…growing up.


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