Poor Me….Not


The past few days I’ve been going on and on about how annoying this process of trying to buy our Awesome Opossum house has been.  The going back and forth with the seller over price, having to call the city to make sure we can build on the property in the future and a few other ridiculous things.  Tonight I was perusing Facebook and read posts from friends that were having real problems in life and it made me take a little step down off the “poor me, having to deal with the sometimes frustrating process of buying a home” box.

It’s not that I’m not thankful my family is able to buy a home, but I think sometimes we get so removed from other’s issues and so focused on our own, no matter how trivial, that we don’t realize just how selfish we are being.  Lately I’ve been focused pretty much on my little immediate circle of family that I see every single day.  The twinadoes take up a lot of time, the desire to get out of this small apartment makes me focus on how to get us out of here as quick as possible.  Thankfully, come Friday, I will no longer have the stress of selling a house, insert my “thank goodness” dance here.

Normally I’m all about making sure I’m there for others, as I would hope they would be there for me.  2014 was a really rough year for me, one I hope to never repeat, ever.  Grateful doesn’t even come close to how lucky I am for those few people that stood by me, holding me up at times when I couldn’t do it myself.  And that is one of the reasons I’m so disappointed in myself for being so whiny in the house buying dance.

Moving forward, I think I need to mix in some offers of help and compassion with my vocals of being annoyed trying to buy Awesome Opossum.  I use my Facebook page as not only a way to share things with others but also as a type of journal for me, kind of like therapy but cheaper.  So yes, I’ll still whine and complain (hopefully for not much longer), but I’ll also be a better human with more compassion for others on my personal Facebook page.


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