For several years I’ve been saying I’m going to make sopapillas at home, I mean come on, they are sweet, crunchy and super easy.  I’ve had both this kind and the more beignet type, both equally delicious, just this one is so much easier to make.

For the Recipe:

oil for frying

4 four tortillas, cut into triangles or whatever shape you want

2 tsp. cinnamon

2 tbsp. sugar

honey and whipped cream or ice cream, optional


Heat oil to 350 degrees in a pan.  Mix the cinnamon and sugar, set aside, but close enough so you can sprinkles the tortillas when they come out of the oil.  Once your oil is heated start frying the tortilla triangles.  They do not take long at all, if your oil is too hot you will know right away.  About 30 seconds per side is all you will need.  Set them on some paper towels to drain and immediately sprinkle with the sugar mixture.

To serve, you can either do as I did which is place on a plate, drizzle with honey and top with a little dollop of whipped cream.  Another idea is to serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Both ways are equally delicious.




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