Awesome Opossum


This is Awesome Opossum.  How did she get that name?  We had a day full of looking at homes, so in order to keep them straight we gave them names.  There was the Paula Dean, Creeper McCreepster, and Norman Rockwell to name a few.  As soon as I walked into this house I knew I was home.  It was awesome opossum.

The list of features that this house had just kept going and going.  It checked off almost all items on my wish list, some going way over my expectations.

awesome opossum6

The kitchen left me speechless.  All appliances were my favorite, Viking, and to top it off… the pot filler.  I can’t wait to fill pots and pots of water.

awesome opossum5 (2)

The butler’s pantry was nothing less than amazing.  The wine fridge with the two bottom drawers made me want to become a wine drinker.  What you can’t see is directly across from the wine fridge are these amazing cupboards.

awesome opossum4

The formal dining room is quite spacious.  I don’t think my current dining room table is going to be big enough, but for now it will work just fine.

awesome opossum7

This will become my office.  It’s on the main level and would not be a good work space for Mr. Housewife.  The twinadoes would never let him be.  There is a room on the lower floor that is the workout room, however, there will be enough space to fit a desk for him.  The reason this is the perfect office?  There is a door that leads outside, so he can act like he’s going to work, then head around the house and go in that room from the outside.  The twinadoes will never know he’s down there and he will be able to work in peace.

awesome opossum1

Off the kitchen is this living room.  It is huge and open, but it totally works.  This is what makes this home so perfect for entertaining.  You can easily entertain a large number of people and nobody would trip over each other.

awesome oposum2 Just another view from the living room.

awesom opossum8

Main floor laundry room.  I have never had a laundry room this large.  Facing the sink are more cabinets.  It’s possible I got a little more excited over this room than I thought I would.

awesome opossum9 awesom opossum10

The lower level will be great for watching movies, letting the twinadoes go wild and also for more entertaining.  The first picture is where we will watch our movies.  The owner put in this amazing entertainment system and blackout shades.  Mr. Housewife got giddy when he saw the closet that housed all the equipment.  The second picture is another part of the room, it has the wet bar with yet another wine fridge (I think this guy really liked his wine), ice maker, dishwasher and sink.  The bar counter is the most gorgeous piece of wood, I really need to take a picture of it.  The mantle on the fireplace matches the bar counter.  What you don’t see is the hallway that leads to the workout room (previous seller is leaving some really nice equipment)/Mr. Housewife’s office, and a bathroom.

awesome opossum11

This is the master bathroom, at least part of it.  This thing is huge.  The shower could hold a small army and the shower tray is stainless steel, it’s really cool.  You don’t see the little room next to the shower that holds the toilet.  The short hallway has a little linen closet.  Across from the sinks is the master closet, none of that annoying white wire closet shelving!!

The upstairs is all bedrooms, which is what I prefer.  It’s like the personal space of the home that doesn’t need to be disturbed when you entertain.

awesome opossum12Do you hear the birds chirping and the angels singing?  When I saw this greenhouse I sure did.  I am in love with this greenhouse and I cannot wait to get it set up.

One of the downsides of this home is the yard, at least right now.  It’s a little shy of 3 1/2 acres, but it’s not flat.  The upper part of the property has zero lawn, the “yard” is  landscaped with mostly native plants with a few flowers, Japanese maples and a few other bushes mixed in.  The owner still has the blueprint for the plans, it has the name of every plant/bush/tree used.  I was amazed when I saw it.

There is a drop in the backyard and that drop lands on the second half of the property on the street below.  In the future we would like to build stairs and decks that will lead to the bottom.  When we are done it will be very relaxing and an extension of the party feel of the house.

Every other home we viewed looked worse in person, some I’m still not convinced they are the same house shown on the web.  Awesome Opossum looked so much better.  Whoever wrote the listing must have been in a hurry or something because they missed some really attractive features, but maybe that is good, it kept buyers away until I came along.

Our names are not on the deed just yet, but hopefully come March 17th (I’m actually trying to move that date up) they will be.  I’m going to think positively and not think about “what if something goes wrong”.  For now I’ll start getting rid of extra stuff that I purchased for our stay in the apartment that I have no desire to take with us.  I’m hoping that this summer will be a great season for us.

Anyone have suggestions how I should decorate Awesome Opossum?



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