Buying a Home is Work…

This coming week there are deadlines galore regarding Awesome Opossum, and since everything is on a deadline I can’t slack off.  After this week it will pretty much be smooth sailings as far as paperwork goes.

Next week is the home inspection, we are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be no issues.  The gentleman we are purchasing the home from (Mr. Crabby Pants) will not be open to any kind of repairs, we’ve already been warned by The House Hunter.  It’s not like I don’t get that he is unhappy about losing so much money on his home, we too lost a pretty penny when we sold ours, but that’s just the current real estate market.  If little things are flagged Mr. Housewife and I have agreed that we will take care of them ourselves, however, if something major is flagged and he refuses to fix it then we will walk away from this home.  The House Hunter totally agrees with us on this.

We haven’t been given a date for the appraisal, but I am not worried at all about this one.  Our realtor compared it to comparable homes in the area, as well as the estimates given by some of the real estate sites and it comes in way below any of their estimates.  Kind of makes the sting of losing money on our house a little less painful.

Then the waiting game happens.  We wait for all the paperwork to be filed, titles cleared, and money exchanged.  Our closing date was officially moved up to March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.  That is a good sign…

Once we get to the point of no return we will reserve the movers, schedule the cable company to come out and hook up all the necessities of modern life, give the green light for the security cameras at the gate to be installed, change our address and prepare to depart from apartment living.

I’ve never really adjusted to living here, mostly because I knew it was temporary.  If this were going to be our forever home then I would have mentally prepared for it and been much more accepting.  I would have done what I needed to do to make the best of it.  In all honesty, there were some pretty cool perks with living here.  Being so close to everything was great, I even got so spoiled that the thought of driving over ten minutes seemed like a freaking cross country trek.  But I’ll happily give that up to have a garage that isn’t a quarter mile from my front door, or worrying about the twinadoes being too loud for the neighbors, not having a garden or any kind of yard.

All the work it takes to buy a home is worth it!!

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