How Much Space Does a Family Need

After living in the apartment for over seven months I would have thought that any size house would seem spacious to me.  The apartment is roughly 1200 square feet, with four people living in that amount it seems more like 600.  When I was single and lived in an apartment I never even thought much about the size of my living space.  The usually hovered around 800-1200 square feet and that was just fine, for me.  My first home wasn’t even 2000 square feet, but then it was just myself and a roommate, so again, not many people to share the space.  The home my husband and I purchased in 2006 was a little over 4000 square feet, and it seemed so large to me.  Then the twins came and it seemed to shrink.

When we started the house hunt I would put the parameter for square footage at 3000 square feet, seemed like that would be large enough…. When we toured a home that was right around that mark I felt like it was way too tight of a fit.  How could that be?  That’s a fairly large home and yet I felt uncomfortable.

That night I looked up homes with 4 bedrooms under 3000 square feet, there were tons.  Words like spacious, roomy, etc. were in all of their descriptions, but why wasn’t I feeling that?  My only explanation is I grew comfortable with having a little more extra space so not having it made me feel squeezed into a home.  The twinadoes are a lot to handle and they need space, we need space from them.  Yes, I know, you all want to spend every waking moment with your little precious’ and not be apart… me, I need my sanity.

I’m really curious as to the size of homes people live in, how many people reside in the home, and how comfortable they are with their given space.  I know I’m lucky to be able to have a little extra space, and I’m thankful for that.  But maybe some would fine the space uncomfortable and would prefer it to be a little more cozy.  I would love to know what you think.


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