Moving…The Overnight Box

To say we are excited to get out of the small apartment we’ve been residing is a total understatement.  Mr. Housewife wants to “camp” in the house the night we close, even though the movers aren’t coming until two days later.  The first day the house is officially ours we have carpet cleaner, housekeeper, roof and gutter cleaner, furniture delivery (since we gave away most of our old stuff), washer and dryers, cable and security, pretty much everyone is coming this day, so it really didn’t make sense to have the movers come until the following day.  So we will be camping in Awesome Opossum and I will be packing our overnight box full of items that will make our little empty house manageable with the twinadoes.

So what do you put in such a box?  Well of course we will need disposable plates, cups and utensils, food items that do not require cooking since I am packing up all of our pots and pans, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, clothes for all of us for a few days, toys the twinadoes will complain if they are without, and our trusty blow-up bed.  Yup, the necessities.  If we still have room in the cars after packing all of the aforementioned items then we will definitely bring more.

To be honest, I think that after the long day of unending people and hours and hours of investigating our new home we will all be pretty darn tired.  The movers come bright and early the next day, but with any luck should be done by mid afternoon.  Then the real fun of unpacking can begin.

For now I’m excited to finally be packing our overnight box.  If I forget something it’s not like we aren’t five minutes from a grocery store, it’s more the fun of it.  We are camping in Awesome Opossum, spending what hopefully will be the first night of thousands and thousands.  So in essence, my little overnight box (ok, it will end up being several) is like the first paragraph of the novel that will become Our Life In Awesome Opossum.

Time to go pack that box….


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