Breaking Point


Buying a home is supposed to be fun, exciting and at times a little nerve-wracking, however, the past couple weeks for us have been pure frustration and aggravation.  Most of the times I am happy letting the people that know what they are doing to take the lead and do what they need to do, but when I see them failing and their failures are affecting me then I need to step up.  In no way am I a professional in real estate, buying selling or anything in between, so I will state that right off the bat.  The mortgage broker we are using has helped us in the past and we’ve had nothing but great results, and that’s what makes this time so much more stressful.

Our last home we purchased was a breeze, we basically submitted information then waited for closing.  This time… yowza, PAINFUL!!  We did what we were supposed to do on our side but the mortgage team kept dropping the ball which meant we spent more time worrying over things we shouldn’t have to.  Getting in contact with them, let’s just say I would have had an easier time getting Elvis on the phone.  Emails, again, there was a better chance Elvis would reply to one of mine than anyone in that team of people.

So finally I could no longer take it.  I had let Mr. Housewife take the lead up until that point while I just passively sat back, but I could no longer do that.  We were less than two weeks from closing and they were still waiting on the damn appraiser.  Everything seemed to be at a standstill, no forward progress, and that did not sit well with me.  After speaking with Mr. Housewife about sending a few emails myself to this dream team he agreed.  He is the nicer of the two of us, he can stay calm and just let things flow, me, well I can do that to an extent and then I turn into the spawn from hell.  In our home we say I’m getting my flying monkeys.

The first on my to do list was to contact the person that was above the dream team.  I had a lovely conversation with her and expressed my displeasure in how things were running and that my confidence was pretty much non-existent at this point and that if we missed our closing date I was going to be beyond angry.  And like magic I had emails coming right and left from the dream team. And each of those emails got a lovely response from me, which led up to the phone conversation with the leader of the dream team this afternoon.  This conversation was much needed, and we all just put it out there.  We told her to speak freely as we were going to be doing the same.  The end result?  One member of her dream team is no longer working on our loan, per my request.  I refuse to deal with anyone that is incompetent and has shown that they cannot perform at a level I would expect.  Is this harsh?  Yes it is, but after putting up with it for weeks and not seeing an improvement I refuse to let it ruin the deal on Awesome Opossum.  She didn’t just get my order at the fast food restaurant wrong, she could have potentially caused us to lose this home.

After it was all said and done I stand by my actions.  Of course I feel bad for this woman, but protecting my family comes a lot higher on the food chain than coddling someone that maybe isn’t in the correct profession.  If I had dropped the ball, so to speak, as many times as she did in my former job I would have been fired long ago.

What would you have done?  If you were at risk of potentially losing the house you and your family were about to move into would you stand up for yourself and do what was needed to make sure everything worked out?


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