Costco In The Springtime…

Costco, oh Costco how you tempt me.  I popped in to Costco to pick up my cash card that they were substituting in lieu of the end of year rebate check they normally send.  It had been sent twice but never made it to me, so they gave up and went this route.  My intention was to just pop in, grab it and go, after we move in to Awesome Opossum we were going to make a Costco trip to grab all the items we needed.

But I needed to at least take a peek at what they had… I became one of those bloggers that snaps pictures of everything.  At first was all paranoid that they would tell me to stop, but after a couple pictures and no escort out I just didn’t even give it a second thought.


I had a bunch of the resin planters at the house I sold, but left them there.  They are lightweight and hold a lot of dirt, and now they have the ones that look like wine barrels.


Bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs.  They still had a great selection and the price is pretty darn great as well.


Snippers for all the pruning and cutting all gardeners end up doing.


They had one of these put together so you could see it, seemed sturdy and something that would be quite helpful in the garden.  The one downsize, it wouldn’t be good for dirt or anything like that.


Because we all need a hose… especially when you don’t have one.


$39.99 for these seemed really amazing to me.  I’ve wanted one of these for quite a while and I think I will finally have to make that want a reality.


Can’t forget a little something for the twinadoes, right?  Besides, I’ve lost all their stuff, which is why poor Thing 2 has to use a ladel from the kitchen as a shovel…


And after all that gardening you are bound to track a little dirt inside, you need something to clean it up.  Anyone have one of these?  I think it looks pretty cool.

I only hit up the gardening section, but I did spy some other items that looked enticing…lots of kid clothes, the pharmacy/beauty section seemed to have several new items as well.  If  you are lucky enough to have a Costco nearby you should pop in and just take a look….


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