Having a Little Extra…

This morning I was asking the kids what they wanted for breakfast, Thing 2 is easy, fruit and cheese and she’s a happy girl.  Thing 1 on the other hand, he’s the pickiest eater ever.  I’m sure I’ll get a few eye rolls for this one, but he spied that we had some frozen corndogs (not organic, not humanely raised and not fair trade) and immediately wanted those.  Realizing that it was either give him those or he wouldn’t eat, I chose the corndogs.  When Thing 1 noticed the bag was empty he quickly said “don’t forget to get more corndogs” and on the list they went.  For some reason that simple act got me thinking about how lucky my family is, that simple act.  I started thinking about the children who’s requests for food go unanswered.  Not all kids have it as good as mine and I want them to be thankful for that.  And it’s not just the kids, my whole family is very lucky, and I will be the first to admit that I don’t always remember that, there are times I take it for granted.

We are not rich, we are not poor, we are comfortable.  It’s easy to surround yourself with a happy little bubble and not see the struggle of others.  Where I really get emotional is when I see the children that are having to struggle.  Childhood is supposed to be a happy time, not one of worrying about food, a home, clean clothes, etc…  What I say next might rub a few people the wrong way, and I honestly don’t care, it’s how I feel.  When I see people or hear people speak of how poor they are and how they don’t have any money, yet they smoke and drink I roll my eyes and say the stock “oh wow, it must be rough, sorry about your situation”.  Uh really?  I know how much cigarettes and alcohol cost, they are expensive!  I am not sorry for them, I am sorry for their kids.  Sorry for their parents’ selfish actions.

A few years ago I had an acquaintance approach me for money, they said they were really having a tough time with rent, food, etc… then on their Facebook they posted how they were off to the store to pick up some “smokes and beer”.  Guess how much I donated to their pity party…NOTHING!  Maybe it’s just me, but if I knew my rent was due and I was already worried about how I was going to pay it I wouldn’t be spending any money on something completely unnecessary.

Yes, I am opinionated on this topic, and I’m ok with that.  We all have our little situations that hit a nerve, so to speak, and this is one of mine.  My kids and their needs would always come first, not my vices.  What I truly am sorry for, the parents that are doing their best and still coming up short.  The children that know what it feels like to truly be hungry, that have fear over where they will rest their heads each night or what their future holds.  There have been times when I’ve gotten annoyed that a store didn’t have a certain size or ran out of something and I had to stop myself and give myself an eye roll.  My inner voice saying “really, you are going to get annoyed at something so stupid?”.

Perfect is not a word I would use to describe myself.  My flaws are very apparent at times, and if you ask I’ll tell you about the not so obvious ones.  However, common sense is thankfully something I do have, and common sense would tell me to prioritize using said attribute.  I’ll wrap this up because I have two 4 year olds that are getting all kinds of rowdy and need some adult supervision, something, sadly, that a few adults in this world need as well.