Mother’s Day…

Today is Mother’s Day, and for the past couple weeks that has been all over the internet, television, radio,etc…. Don’t forget mom.  Sadly, many need that reminder, to not forget mom.  But for me, I kind of cringe at all the ads, thinking it’s kind of sad.  My twinadoes are young, so they are here with me all the time, but I know there will come a day when that is no longer the case.  They will hear these ads and think “oh, I better not forget to call mom”.  Life gets busy, kids grow up and have responsibilities, but my mom heart hurts just thinking of that day.

My wish?  Not for some day where I get flowers, taken to brunch, a quick “hey mom, happy mother’s day”.  No sir, I want for my family to think of each other daily, to not have this big day (Father’s day included) where my children remember their parents.  I’ve stated several times in the past few weeks that I do not want to go to brunch, I do not want flowers I really don’t want anything.  Every Mother’s Day I’m thankful, thankful for the two feral jackals that call me mom.  There was a time I wasn’t even sure I would get that.

On Mother’s Day I think of the women that do not have this, more so the ones that want it.  It’s a tough road, one I luckily did not continue down.  When the ads would start up and people would laugh about the silly gifts they received, I would laugh along but inside I was so very sad.  Today I will be celebrating my twinadoes and how lucky I am that I have two of the craziest, most adorable, annoying, ridiculous treasures on the earth that call me Mom.  I will also be thinking of those women that want so desperately to have the title of mom, but do not.  They will put on a brave face and be happy for those of us that get this day, laugh along at our stories of what our family did for us, then they will continue on…  People will tell them Happy Mother’s Day from their cat, dog, fish, etc… but it’s not the same.  Yes, there are the people that really do choose to not ever have kids, and I always support anyone’s decision, but then there are the ones that say it to protect themselves.  Or they make it seem like it’s not a big deal they don’t have children, for whatever reason.  I think I got pretty good brushing it all off and fooled a few people, some I’m sure knew how much I was lying.

Today I’ll probably be in the yard doing random gardening, running errands and just enjoying the day, but I’ll be very aware of what day it is.  I’ll look at my twinadoes and be grateful that they gave me the title some will never have.  I’ll also see the women that have “the look”, that look I used to have.  The feeling of such wanting and jealousy are no longer mine, but they are very real for others and I’ll be sure to play along when I see it.

Treasure your mother’s day, not just today, but every single day.


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