Freezing Pancakes

When Thing 1 isn’t existing on air he’s existing on pancakes.  That kid is the most pick eater EVER!.  I know they sell frozen pancakes, but why on earth would I buy those when I can make a large batch and freeze them?  This also works well with waffles, you know, when you get that craving for one smothered in butter and jam but don’t want to make the effort and want them now.

A few tricks that I’ve learned when making and freezing pancakes (and waffles):

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If you are going to do this, make it worth your while, make a large batch.


Let them cool completely on a bakers rack.  If you pop them in the bag while still warm you will get all that condensation that will make the pancakes a little goopy.  And that’s no bueno.


When freezing parchment paper is your friend.  I like to separate the pancakes so they won’t stick together, they will just as beautiful as the day you made them.


After you get them nice and snuggled in some parchment paper pop them in a freezer bag and they are ready for their nice chilly sleep.

Super easy, right?  I know it’s saved me the experience of a hungry 4 year old’s meltdown on many occasions.


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