Nanny Plus One

I’ve mentioned before that I have the most amazing woman that watches the twinadoes, AMAZING.  She brings her now 12 year old daughter with her, and has for the past few years.  She also has a son that is the same age as the twinadoes but has brought him only, and that was after apologizing for even asking.  When we transitioned from the person before the Twinado Whisperer I had a few people approach me offering their childcare services.  Some were quite qualified but were pass on due to one fact.  They had a plus one, meaning they would need to bring their infant child with them.

I get that women (and men) want to stay home with their young children and will do what they can in order to make that happen.  This luxury is not lost on me, I know how truly lucky I am.  However, I also know how much work, time and effort goes into taking care of an infant and to me, that meant my children were not getting the same quality of care.  Oh I’m sure this will strike a nerve in many a mother and probably some non mothers for that matter, and I say feel free to hire a childcare provider with a young one in tow.

The Twinado Whisperer’s daughter was a help to her mom, she did not need a diaper change, feeding, holding, etc… she was independent, able to do for herself and offer a hand if her mom needed it (which she really didn’t because she is AMAZING!!).  The twinadoes love both of them and look forward to their visits, this to me is priceless.

Am I insensitive to caregivers with young children, maybe so, but when it comes to the care of my children I will do what I need to in order to feel comfortable.  I’m just curious as to what others think on this, and what age child would you be ok with having come along?


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